Nature's Island Collagen Ultimate Bone Joint Formula

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Nature’s island bone joint care formula is the combination of Collagen powder with Glucosamine, Hadjod and Vitamin D3 that makes it a perfect blend to support mobility, flexibility and comfort of bones & joints. It helps people to live an active lifestyle by providing smoother joint functioning, encounter stiffness and pain, perform high athletic activities with ease.
Recommended dosage – 10gm (1scoop) per day
For best results – Consume 1 scoop daily for 3-4 months
Servings – 25 servings per container

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Benefits of Collagen Peptide Glucosamine, Boswellia & Vitamin D3 Powder & Other Vitamins

  • Helps in smoother joint functioning thereby easing daily tasks like walking, stair climbing and descending, rising from sitting, standing, bending and weight-bearing.
  • Helps in alleviating pain resulting from osteoarthritis.
  • Helps in countering morning stiffness and pain in night or while resting.
  • Collagen peptide powder with glucosamine, vitamin D3, Boswellia, Hadjod provides elasticity and structure for the bone tissue, which improves joint flexibility, reduces inflammation & provides better overall joint functionality.
  • Collagen Supplements helps in faster recovery in case of sports injuries.
  •  Strengthen bones which minimize the risk of future fractures.
  • Recommended for people who are looking for better quality of life and willing to lead an active lifestyle.


Collagen peptide powder for Joints

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Infused With

Vitamin-D3, Chondroitin, Herbs

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