Collagen Peptide in Daily Diet

Stay hydrated with Collagen Infused Water

Summer is right around the corner and if there was ever a time to get hydrated, it’s now. This summer sip on easy flavorful collagen-infused water with super health benefits to make your skin more hydrating and glowing. All you have to do is to add a scoop of marine collagen peptide in your detox water and enjoy all the skin-related benefits. What i …

March 20, 20200 comments
Collagen desserts

Collagen Desserts to Sweeten Your Day

Bingeing on the healthy desserts after a good meal is not less than a blessing. These Collagen Desserts are not just delicious but they can also provide health and beauty benefits. Thanks to the star ingredient “Collagen”! Collagen is the protein present in our body since birth. With age, the production of this protein decreases which ca …

February 24, 20200 comments
Collagen Powder for Skin

What Type of Collagen is Best for Skin?

Choosing the suitable kind of collagen for skin can be hard when you are not sure which one works the best on the skin. Generally, consuming collagen is beneficial for the skin, as it plays a major role in keeping the skin youthful and elastic. It just not work on skin but supports the other parts of the body like bones, joints, cartilage, hair and …

February 18, 20200 comments
Healthy Ageing

5 Reasons to Add Collagen Peptides in Your Diet

We cannot deny the fact that with the increasing age, our bodies go under various physical changes which affects our lifestyle in a major way. A lot of people begin to face Joint and Skin problems including early signs of ageing like fine lines & wrinkles, dullness on face, loss of joint function, popping bones, etc. The reason behind is simple …

January 29, 20200 comments
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